Providing crucial intelligence to help platforms protect people, businesses, and communities


Feeding advanced algorithms within fraud partners’ platforms

Fideo Intelligence enables data-informed protection against fraud-related losses.

Our advanced signals on people, devices, and behavior feed advanced anti-fraud algorithms. With our real-time API, we help your businesses stay ahead of fraudsters and protect against financial losses.

By curating online and offline representations of identity from thousands of signals and rating the quality of each collection source, Fideo Intelligence links raw identity components and boosts or decreases confidence in linkages based on continual observations.

We empower intelligence-informed decisions that help keep your site and your assets safe.

We help fraud prevention platforms:

  • Identify patterns of fraudulent activity
  • Detect anomalies or identity discrepancies
  • Block bad actors in real time

Simplifying security for platforms that serve regional banks, community banks, and credit unions

Fideo offers a cost-effective solution to help your platform curb synthetic fraud.

Avoiding synthetic fraud and account takeovers requires time, resources, and expertise. Let Fideo Intelligence do the heavy lifting.

Fideo offers easy-to-integrate APIs that verify individuals in real time and provide financial institutions with immediate feedback regarding risky account openings.

Fideo helps financial platforms:

  • Limit fraud costs
  • Reduce reputational risk
  • Protect their valued customers
  • Simplify operations

Protecting revenue for communications companies

Fideo helps telecom companies mitigate risks to prevent financial losses.

Fideo’s trusted signals data can also test and train risk models with billions of incremental data points. Our intelligence can help your business optimize models, track performance metrics, and identify emerging trends.

Apply our real-time API at Point of Sale (POS), on your website, or within a call or service center environment.

Through our real-time, top-of-the-funnel approach, Fideo helps communication companies:

  • Verify a person’s identity
  • Catch potential fraud
  • Provide a positive customer experience

Enabling real-time research for the intelligence community

Fideo powers comprehensive research on individuals.

Intelligence companies rely on Fideo to make sense of billions of identity signals on people.

With a comprehensive view of individual data and insights, the Intelligence Community is better equipped to monitor and analyze data, research individuals, identify potential security threats, and build extensive dossiers.

These signals offer critical insights into a person’s:

  • Online presence, activity and observations
  • Educational background
  • Professional and social connections

Helping merchants avoid losses (coming soon)

Currently in beta, Fideo Intelligence helps merchants avoid costly losses due to bad actors and synthetic fraud.

We realize that merchants are devoted to their mission and don’t always have an in-house identity verification and fraud prevention team. Consider Fideo Intelligence your first line of defense in verifying the legitimacy of customer and prospect identities.

We are here to assist you in ensuring that all transactions are valid and legitimate so that you can focus on growing your business without any worries.

We help you prevent fraudulent transactions by identifying customers who have provided accurate information. This way, you can focus on serving your trustworthy customers while avoiding any potential financial loss due to fraud.

Fideo Intelligences helps sellers:

  • Accept more orders from loyal customers
  • Keep fraudsters out
  • Prevent costly losses

Discover how Fideo Intelligence can help your business protect customers and revenue.

We help simplify security while providing valuable insights to improve algorithms and support thorough investigative work.