Ken Michie

Chief Technology Officer

With a passion for building highly scalable systems, Ken leads Fideo’s high-octane engineering team, innovating and adapting to the rapidly evolving identity landscape.

Ken Michie is Fideo’s Chief Technology Officer. He spearheads all engineering efforts to deliver valuable, real-time data signals for Fideo’s mission-oriented customers. Most notably, Ken has over a decade of experience in Identity Intelligence and building out data-focused infrastructures.

Ken’s unique skillset centers around the rich understanding of identity and the real-time processing of large amounts of data. He has cultivated a healthy engineering culture focused on innovation, creativity, stewardship, and customer-centricity through his leadership. During his career, his innovations have earned him 5 distinct patents.

In his fruitful career, Ken’s role has evolved significantly. He started as a Software Engineer in a Technical Lead capacity and was promoted to Software Team Management only two years later. Thanks to continued accomplishments, Ken was promoted to Director of Engineering, Head of US Engineering, VP of Technology, and, finally, CTO.

A modern-day Renaissance man, Ken loves woodworking, playing piano and guitar, gardening, exercising, DIY projects, BBQing, home brewing, and being a father of 3 boys and a loving husband.

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