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Fideo Signals: A Game-Changer for Risk Modeling

May 2, 2024

The Fideo Team

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, traditional data and risk models are no longer sufficient to safeguard businesses against complex financial, operational, and cyber risks. This is where Fideo Signals comes in – an innovative identity intelligence product designed to help companies build better, more accurate risk models.

The Challenges of Risk Modeling

Risk models heavily rely on massive datasets from numerous sources, and their accuracy and dependability are greatly influenced by data quality and proper preparation—a process that is both time-consuming and costly and accounts for over 60% of the entire Data Science workflow.

Global events, technological advancements, and cyber threats have made business risks more intricate and difficult to predict. While fraud prevention platforms excel at creating risk-scoring algorithms and customizing rules based on risk thresholds, they often lack the robust identity data needed to enhance their risk algorithms effectively.

Fideo Signals: The Game-Changing Solution

Fideo Signals offers a revolutionary approach by providing businesses access to billions of aggregated real-time signals on people, devices, and behavior via API or batch installation. This unique approach focuses on the connections between data, breaking down silos to deliver a comprehensive view of the entire data context, empowering companies to enhance their risk management strategies proactively.

Powerful Capabilities at the Core

At the heart of Fideo’s Identity Intelligence Platform lies its ability to accurately connect various identity fragments using first-party signals. This robust linkage establishes comprehensive digital footprints by seamlessly connecting identities across B2B and B2C domains, providing a comprehensive understanding of individuals’ professional and personal identities.

Fideo continuously adjusts the confidence levels associated with these connections, ensuring the linkages remain accurate and up-to-date. This dynamic approach ensures businesses can access the most reliable and trustworthy identity information, enabling informed decision-making and effective risk mitigation.

Detecting Abnormal Behavior and Unveiling Synthetic Identities

Fideo’s platform leverages first-party observations to distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior patterns, empowering businesses to identify potential fraud risks proactively. For instance, email activity exhibiting rapid succession or lacking historical data is flagged as “abnormal,” a potential indicator of fraudulent attempts.

Fideo’s platform meticulously tracks identifier metadata, including timestamps, observation counts, sources, and IP addresses. This comprehensive activity tracking allows the platform to assess the trustworthiness and recency of identifiers, providing an additional layer of protection against synthetic identities and fraudulent activities.

Core Features of Fideo Signals

  1. Normalized Identity Data: Fideo Signals normalizes signal data to individuals, saving businesses valuable time in their Data Science efforts and helping them arrive at a statistical “grounded truth” of a person’s identity.
  2. Real-Time Intelligence: The Fideo Signals API enables businesses to leverage identity intelligence with just a fragment of a person’s data, empowering them to prevent fraudulent activities effectively in real time.
  3. Advanced Risk Modeling: Fideo Signals provides businesses with billions of normalized identity signals, allowing them to train advanced risk models and effortlessly prepare comprehensive dossiers.
  4. Top Signals: Top signals offered by Fideo include email metadata, location data, social media presence, phone metadata, demographics, signal confidence scores, and persistent identifiers, enabling businesses to drive advanced risk models and prevent losses.
  5. Versatile Input Data: The Fideo Signals API can accept a diverse range of input data, including names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, social media handles, or URLs, delivering unique real-time signals in response.

Impact on Business Risk Models

By integrating Fideo Signals’ comprehensive intelligence into their machine learning models, businesses can achieve real-time protection against potential losses, prevent fraud, combat synthetic account creation, and enable friction-right user experiences. Fideo’s unique real-time signals covering digital activity, household demographics, employment data, and more, equip teams with actionable intelligence to make informed decisions and build more agile, resilient businesses capable of adapting to and overcoming risks.

The Future of Risk Management

Fideo Signals represents a significant breakthrough in risk modeling, providing businesses with the intelligence they need to create more precise, dependable risk models while simultaneously preventing fraud-related financial losses. Improved risk models better identify potential threats, making the world safer. With Fideo’s machine learning capabilities continuously evolving to improve even the most advanced risk models, companies can expect to have more accurate and reliable risk intelligence at their fingertips.

Fideo offers a comprehensive solution for the anti-fraud market. It helps companies identify, investigate, and predict fraudulent activities. Fideo provides real-time protection against fraudulent activities, is easy to implement, robust, and cost-effective.

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